Shower Fittings

A shower partition is the solution to the wet and dry concept instead of getting dirty all over the place while taking a shower in your bathroom.
Earlier it was cloth and pvc/plastic sheets etc. but now all the shower partitions are made of toughened glass.

Ease of cleaning, durability, and more than that, the beauty of bathrooms have increased the potential of toughened glass for modern shower partitions in premium homes.
Such shower enclosures are popular in hinge type shower partition and sliding shower partitions.
These high-quality shower fittings suitable for making shower cubicles with toughened glass in different sizes and shapes depending on the size of the bathroom are available in stainless steel and brass, while the shower fittings for making such frameless shower partitions and framed shower partitions are all available in different colors according to the tastes of customers, designers and architects. It helps bring out more of their creativity.